What should I know about the CPAT test?

Candidate physical ability test A CPAT test is often carried out to gauge the physical capabilities of an individual in hopes of landing one of the few fire department jobs. In the US, the fire service joint labor management fitness initiative was developed in late 1990’s, specifically 1996- 1997 to address the need for a […]

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What’s a sales aptitude test?

Sales Aptitude Test is described as an 86 item test measuring a person’s sales aptitude. It has 68 multiple choice questions together with 18 adjective descriptive items. The content of the test was developed in order to evaluate personality and behavioural characteristics that have been indicated to be vital to success in the sales. A […]

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What is Included in a Mechanical Aptitude Test?

Mechanical aptitude tests has several mechanical problems that must be completed within the given time. The questions are designed so that only 1 percent to 5 percent of the population can solve all within the allotted time. Each question can only have one answer. The mechanical skills test contains questions that provide scenario that include gravity, […]

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